Devastation caused by Cyclone Yasa compared to war zone

‘ferocious’ Cyclone Yasa smashes Fiji
Cyclone Yasa left destruction in its wake at Daku Primary School. Full story: Two dead, entire villages destroyed after ‘ferocious’ Cyclone Yasa smashes Fiji |

Eastern Australia has hundreds of enigmatic volcanoes. New research shows how they formed

The landscape of eastern Australia is dotted with hundreds of extinct volcanoes. They gave rise to an environment to which Aboriginal people have been connected for tens of thousands of years, and the rich soils upon which modern Australia has grown in the last few hundred years.

Yet until recently, these volcanoes posed a geological mystery. There are two common ways volcanoes form: at the edges of tectonic plates, or on top of blobs of hot material called “mantle plumes”, which rise from the planet’s deep interior. For most of eastern Australia’s volcanoes, however, neither of these explanations fits the bill.

We have now solved the puzzle. By studying the history of the eruptions and the chemical makeup of the rocks they spat out, we discovered a previously unknown geological mechanism that links volcanoes from Far North Queensland to the southern tip of Tasmania…

Fiji: Devastation caused by Cyclone Yasa compared to war zone

The devastation in Fiji following Cyclone Yasa was compared with a war zone as reconnaissance flights showed entire villages wiped out and authorities put the cost at hundreds of millions of dollars.

A state of natural disaster has been declared for 30 days as emergency services scrambled to provide food and clothing to the worst affected areas.

The superstorm slammed into Fiji’s second largest island Vanua Levu late on Thursday, leaving a trail of destruction.

Of the 24,000 people who evacuated from their homes at the height of the storm, 16,113 are still unable to return…

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