Resilience will again be vital in 2021

Resilience will again be vital in 2021

The financial, social, physical and mental health challenges we have all faced over the last nine months have been the most difficult we have seen for 80 years. And it feels like no amount of past experiences, both business and personal, could have prepared us for it.

But throughout this time, we have demonstrated great strength in our support for neighbours, frontline health workers and in complying with difficult and ever-changing restrictions. As we plan for what Christmas may look like with fewer family members than usual, we are once again having to dig deep to comply with the limits being placed on our lives. I hope that this community spirit and selfless attitudes towards our peers is something we will retain as we emerge from this pandemic…

2020’s Worst Environmental Disasters, and How Climate Change Played a Role

This aerial view from Aug. 9, 2020, shows the site of containment operations for the leaked oil coming from the vessel MV Wakashio off the coast of southeastern Mauritius.
(AFP via Getty Images)

In a year of unprecedented disasters, much of the damage done to our planet in 2020 was self-inflicted.

From devastating oil spills in sensitive areas to deadly wildfires that consumed record acreage to failing dams that flooded entire towns, the worst environmental disasters of the year showed the influence of humans.

That influence is clearly evident when a tanker slams into a coral reef and spills thousands of barrels of oil. It’s less obvious when climate change is a factor behind raging wildfires across the Western U.S. and Australia…

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