In an era of disruption, do we need a resilience ranking?

In an era of disruption, do we need a resilience ranking?

Rankings season has come and gone and underlined the strength of many sandstone institutions in Europe and the United States and shown the continued rise of China, and to a lesser extent, other countries in Asia. The Times Higher Education Impact Ranking process is under way, measuring the contribution of universities to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Of course, rankings have continued even in the wake of the pandemic, affecting all sectors of economies, including higher education and the international mobility of students, research funding and finances. It should be noted that much of the rankings data we have pertains to pre-COVID times: the effects of the pandemic will be felt in years to come…

Americans used disaster housing more than 1 million times in 2020

A person and a pup evacuated from a wildfire near Vacaville, California, taking refuge at a Red Cross shelter in August 2020. Photo: Gabrielle Lurie/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

People used emergency lodging across the U.S. more than 1 million times in 2020, over four times the annual average during the past decade, the American Red Cross said.

Why it matters: The figure is a testament to how the COVID-19 pandemic, active wildfires, a relentless hurricane season and other natural disasters wracked the country this year.

What they’re saying: “Families are overwhelmed coping with the greatest number of billion-dollar disasters in a single year — on top of the coronavirus pandemic,” Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross, said of its findings from late November…

What does resilience look like in different contexts? _ Video by Global Resilience Collaborative

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