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Monthly Archives: December, 2020

Here Are 10 of the Deadliest Natural Disasters in 2020

Croatia: Deadly earthquake causes huge damage A powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked central Croatia on Tuesday, killing at least six people and leaving more than 20 others injured, officials said. … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Events Like Devastating Floods Cost India $10 Billion, Finds UK Report

“Demon Slayer” nears Japan movie history, boosts economy with resilience message The tale of a boy fighting human-eating demons which murdered his family, “Demon Slayer” is poised to become Japan’s … Continue reading

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Israel to be hit by a destructive earthquake soon, study shows

Series of Great Earthquakes May be Warming Arctic, Indicates New Study The Arctic’s rapid warming could have been triggered by a series of great earthquakes, suggests new research. In the … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather and COVID-19: Protecting Our Responders

We Might Finally Know a Key Mechanism Behind Our Planet’s Biggest Earthquakes We’re learning more about earthquake triggers all the time, but there’s also plenty still to find out about … Continue reading

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Why Fans of Horror Movies May Be More Resilient

From resilience to authenticity There is nothing like a full-blown crisis to bring out the best in people. As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across industry sectors, upending established processes and … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Build Resilience In Turbulent Times

Mindfulness Program Reduces Stress, Builds Resilience In Health Care Workers A free, 8-week mindfulness program created by researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and The Ohio State … Continue reading

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LGBTQ People Are at Higher Risk in Disasters

The Top 10 Extreme Weather and Climate Events of 2020 Calendar year 2020 was an extreme and abnormal year, in so many ways. The global coronavirus pandemic altered people’s lives … Continue reading

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Natural disasters causing economic destruction can increase child marriages — study

How Puerto Ricans are rebuilding post-Hurricane María LISTEN: How Puerto Ricans are rebuilding post-Hurricane María… Natural disasters causing economic destruction can increase child marriages — study A case study attempting … Continue reading

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Are you on the brink of burnout?

Resilience key to business survival during pandemic The Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce’s December edition of “Good Morning Gaston” focused on the ability of local businesses to survive the ongoing … Continue reading

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A Grief Expert’s Take On Pandemic Anxiety

A Grief Expert’s Take On Pandemic Anxiety It’s no surprise that everyone feels more anxious this year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the election. But luckily, there are simple … Continue reading

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Conflict, floods and COVID-19 push South Sudanese into extreme hunger

At least 6 dead after Vicky onslaught: officials Tropical depression Vicky left at least 6 dead in Leyte and Agusan del Sur as it inundated the southern Philippines ahead of … Continue reading

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Devastation caused by Cyclone Yasa compared to war zone

Eastern Australia has hundreds of enigmatic volcanoes. New research shows how they formed The landscape of eastern Australia is dotted with hundreds of extinct volcanoes. They gave rise to an … Continue reading

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Resilience will again be vital in 2021

Resilience will again be vital in 2021 The financial, social, physical and mental health challenges we have all faced over the last nine months have been the most difficult we … Continue reading

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A Missing Link to Workplace Resiliency

How can I grow employee engagement and workplace resilience? If you take a good, long, hard look at levels of employee engagement and workplace resilience, the most important lessons aren’t … Continue reading

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Altruism is key to a more resilient society

How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted — and You Are, Too “What happened to my resolve?” a leader remarked in the middle of a session. We were discussing … Continue reading

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In an era of disruption, do we need a resilience ranking?

In an era of disruption, do we need a resilience ranking? Rankings season has come and gone and underlined the strength of many sandstone institutions in Europe and the United … Continue reading

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Hurricane season 2020: Is global warming making hurricanes stronger?

Unique record: 220,000 years of earthquake history A 457-metre long “data treasure” in the shape of a drilling core from the Dead Sea provides a unique insight into past earthquake … Continue reading

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2020: A Year of Natural Hazard in Review

It’s Australia’s First Big Blaze of the Fire Season. How Bad Will the Summer Get? Last year, the country suffered catastrophic wildfires. Now, it is watching as a scenic getaway … Continue reading

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When in Drought, Ancestral Puebloans Turned to Ice Blocks in Lava Tubes

Natural and political disasters in Central America t is a month since Central America was hit in quick succession by two hurricanes. Parts of northern Honduras are still under water: … Continue reading

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Marina Abramović’s Method for Overcoming Trauma: Go to a Park, Hug a Tree Tight, and Tell It Your Complaints for 15 Minutes

Four Ways The Best Leaders Build A Resilient Workplace The personal and workplace disruption that has occurred due to COVID-19 is unprecedented.  Companies and employees alike are now under constant … Continue reading

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This Year’s Wild Hurricane Season Is an Ominous Sign of What’s Ahead

This Year’s Wild Hurricane Season Is an Ominous Sign of What’s Ahead This year’s record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season officially ended Nov. 30, but the procession of violent storms it unleashed … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Bounce Back from Stress and Being Overwhelmed

Harvard psychologist to parents: Do these 7 things if you want to raise kids with flexible, resilient brains A child’s brain is not a miniature adult brain. It is a … Continue reading

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This Holiday Season, Focus On Combating Loneliness And Building Resilience

Once in a lifetime floods to become regular occurrences by end of century Superstorm Sandy brought flood-levels to the New York region that had not been seen in generations. Causing … Continue reading

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Resilience Case File: 400 year history of concept of resilience

How to build and embed resilience within your workplace This is the last in a series of three articles that have been looking into different aspects of resilience. The first … Continue reading

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‘Water, water, everywhere…nor any drop to drink’

Disaster resilience in Pakistan: A comprehensive multi-dimensional spatial profiling Building disaster-resilient communities require operative resilience frameworks enabling factual decision-making and resource allocation at national and sub-national scales. While Pakistan is … Continue reading

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Seven Strategies to Ensure Influencer Marketing Resilience

How To Fortify Your Organization’s Resilience Well Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and spring back into shape. Experts like Roger Martin have been speaking out for … Continue reading

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How to Build Resilience during the Pandemic

How to survive in the age of crises Even before the pandemic, a Deloitte Insight Report found that 60 per cent of crisis leaders said their firms faced more crises … Continue reading

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Creating a shared vision of rural resilience through community-led civic structures

AXA Chair at UC Santa Cruz funds efforts to build coastal resilience naturally Global insurance company AXA has established the AXA Chair in Coastal Resilience at UC Santa Cruz to … Continue reading

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The nation learning to embrace flooding

ASEAN adopts New Disaster Management Framework for 2021-2025 ASEAN Ministers in charge of disaster management agreed on the strategic direction of regional cooperation in mitigating disaster losses and responding to … Continue reading

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Fast decision making, tech transformation key to businesses surviving pandemic

Building a cyber-resilient electricity sector is a key priority for the post-COVID era The COVID-19 crisis is having a dramatic impact on our society and has reinforced our reliance on … Continue reading

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5 health crises you may not have heard about in 2020

Fukushima’s Radioactive Wastewater Dilemma The word “Fukushima” has become known globally as shorthand for a nuclear disaster that happened at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on the coast of … Continue reading

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