Persist, connect, adapt to build resiliency

The surprising reason we aren’t as resilient as we think – and what Kiwi women can do about it

When it comes to Kiwi women, we’ve been disproportionally affected during the pandemic with redundancies

If there was ever a need for resilience, it is the dumpster fire of 2020 – but although we pride ourselves on that good old Kiwi can-do attitude, it seems that New Zealanders – especially women – could use a bit of a top up.

We speak to Jamie Ford, director of Resilient Minds, to find out what’s going on, how we can become more resilient and actually change our mindsets, and how to find that balance in the workplace – whether it’s in an office or at home…

Persist, connect, adapt to build resiliency

The holiday season is a time for reflection. As we celebrate Thanksgiving and look ahead to the other joyful holidays of the season (albeit celebrated very differently from years past), we often look back at the year to take stock on what transpired.

The year 2020 has not been an easy one. The pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands, a fractured country is grappling with an unprecedented presidential election, there has been racial reckoning and civil unrest, and we have seen the ravages of climate change in wildfires and hurricanes that have wiped out communities and devastated already impoverished regions.

The list seems endless. If we focus on the negative, all is doom and gloom. But this season can also be a time of renewal…

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