Personal resilience is important but we also need community resilience: Hillary Clinton

A resilient labour market is the answer to two important challenges ahead: it stands to reconnect workers with paid employment and diminishes reliance on government supports. Full story: A resilient workforce is priority one |

Top 5 reasons resilience is key in the workplace and the hiring room

If there is ever a time that demonstrates the value of resilience in the workplace, that time is 2020. Challenges, complexities, and change in our personal and professional spheres are inevitable and required for growth.

Brent Gleeson, author of the book Embrace the Suck: The Navy SEAL Way to an Extraordinary Life breaks down the components of resilience into three dimensions: challenge, commitment, and control. Resilient people see difficulty as challenge and a learning opportunity. They are committed and take ownership over their lives and goals. They spend their energy on that which they have control.

In the context of the workplace, employees and leaders will inevitably face setbacks, critical feedback and change- positive or negative. Managing engagement through this while working remotely can add an additional layer to this. Gleeson highlights five important reasons organizations should understand and work to build resilience in their workforce as part of their culture strategy…

Personal resilience is important but we also need community resilience: Hillary Clinton

Speaking at Yale in 2018, Hillary Clinton shared her experience at the college as well as addressed the elephant in the room. “And let me just get this out of the way, no, I’m not over it. I still think about the 2016 election. I still regret the mistakes I made. I still think though, that understanding what happened in such a weird and wild election in American history will help us defend our democracy in the future. Whether you’re right, left, centre, Republican, Democrat, independent, vegetarian, whatever, we all have a stake in that. So today as a person, I’m okay. But as an American, I’m concerned,” she said…

Five ways managers can build personal resilience amid the pandemic

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is currently slamming into regions across Canada, once again testing employers’ resilience in the face of mounting challenges.

But resilient managers can bounce forward out of adversity, stay focused and productive through constant change and continue to thrive when things are difficult. Resilience equips people to deal with uncertainty. It helps them seek to understand the situation without making judgments. Resilient people welcome diverse perspectives, embrace problem solving and choose to respond positively to change and challenges…

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