The ‘market’ won’t save us from climate disaster. We must rethink our system

How to Continue Collaboration When a Disaster Occurs. Full story: How to Continue Collaboration When a Disaster Occurs (

A look back at Cagayan flooding

If there’s a word to describe the recent flooding that happened in Cagayan due to Typhoon Ulysses, it would be “surprising,” at least according to Governor Manuel Mamba.

When parts of the province of Cagayan was hit by flooding during the fourth quarter of 2019, Mamba said the water level at the Cagayan River only reached 11 meters. But during the height of Typhoon Ulysses, the governor said the water level rose to 13 meters.

The water level was so high that Tuguegarao residents reported that there was flooding in areas for the first time in 45 years, said Mamba.

The flooding in Cagayan left many residents stuck on their roofs, waiting to be rescued. Those who were not able to get to safety as the water quickly rose perished…

The ‘market’ won’t save us from climate disaster. We must rethink our system

The massive wildfires that have been rampaging across the American west this year are not purely natural disasters. They are partly products of the unnatural disaster of climate change – “unnatural”, in that the ultimate responsibility for global warming belongs not to physics but to our economic system. Nicholas Stern, the former chief economist of the World Bank, calls climate change the “greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen”. Sadly, climate change is only one – albeit a whopper – of the countless market failures that degrade our lives…

Norfolk initiative makes resilience the city’s centerpiece

From the dawn of the industrial age to the modern day’s knowledge-based economy, entrepreneurs and their companies have gravitated to metropolitan areas where they can find three resources abundantly pooled: (1) skilled talent located in or powerfully attracted to the area, (2) technology spill-overs from similar firms and academic institutions based there, and (3) deep value-added support from locally bunched players in their service/supply chain…

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