Building wildfire resilience into our communities

Climate Crisis Weekly: What’s with all the hurricanes in 2020?. Full story:

Building wildfire resilience into our communities

Oregon is no stranger to wildfires. However, the 2020 wildfire season has been one of the most destructive on record with over 400 fires taking at least 11 lives and destroying thousands of homes. The magnitude of this year’s blazes should be alarming to both residents and officials.

Fortunately, there are bipartisan approaches that could significantly mitigate future wildfire risk across the state.

In a climate policy paper released this year, the SmarterSafer Coalition suggested introducing pre-disaster mitigation efforts at the local, state, and federal levels to decrease the cost and damage incurred from natural catastrophes. Pre-disaster mitigation approaches not only help protect our communities, but also our taxpayer dollars. In fact, every dollar spent on pre-disaster mitigation is estimated to save six dollars in post-disaster recovery…

Bushfire royal commission warns of ‘alarming disaster outlook’

In its final report issued last week, the Royal Commission into Australia’s National Natural Disaster Arrangements warns of an unprecedented, increasing and unavoidable threat to Australia from climate change, requiring a ‘fundamental shift in strategic thinking about national natural disaster risk management’.

In terms similar to those expressed in recent ASPI analysis, the commission notes:..

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