A parametric approach to pandemic resilience

There’s simply no easy route to resiliency

COVID-19 will continue to tax and challenge us. Accepting this can help focus on what it will take to get to April 30.

This is a realistic timeline to expect the first vaccines, with the potential to shine a light on when COVID-19 will be more manageable. To reach that goal requires resiliency, which can be defined as a person’s ability to bounce back from setbacks, to maintain their course and push through challenging times.

Resiliency is a trainable skill. However, lessons come from formal and informal learning, as well as from internal and external efforts. Mental health can be predicted by a person’s resiliency level, higher levels of which support positive mental health. I support organizations to develop and implement strategies and programs designed to improve workplace psychological health and safety. The objective is to reduce mental harm and promote mental health…

A parametric approach to pandemic resilience

Image: Global pandemic (Shutterstock/ImageFlow): Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2020/03/12/whats-the-difference-between-pandemic-epidemic-and-outbreak.html

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has upended the operations of cities across the world. While disaster and resilience planning is nothing new to governments, there are typically historical events to inform the response to a disaster, be it a fire, flood or earthquake. This was not the case with COVID-19.

Despite viral outbreaks that have plagued communities in decades past, the global scale and the upheaval of everyday life due to COVID-19 is without precedent. Pre-pandemic plans made by cities, businesses, educational facilities, transit agencies and other groups must be completely reconceived to add new attention to resilience — and this must be done quickly…

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