How building with nature can lead a green recovery for our coasts

How building with nature can lead a green recovery for our coasts

In Japan, it is traditionally believed that “the forest calls the fish”. This is a more romantic way of explaining how coastal and riparian forests prevent erosion and keep agricultural run-off from reaching waterways, protecting the health and productivity of coastal fisheries.

The revival of coastal tree planting and catchment repair in the last 30 years offers an important lesson about the value of natural or green infrastructure and its added benefits, which include sustaining livelihoods, cultures and traditions and climate mitigation…

Dozens dead as Tropical Storm Eta causes mudslides in Central America

A man wades through rubbish caused by the passage of Hurricane Eta in the municipality of La Lima, department of Cortes, Honduras, on Saturday © Orlando Sierra/AFP

Dozens were dead and many more missing in Guatemala after one of the most brutal storms to lash the region in years triggered mudslides that swallowed up houses and turned roads into rivers.

“We still haven’t finished rescuing people. We have people trapped in villages,” President Alejandro Giammattei told reporters at the weekend. He acknowledged that the death toll would rise from the official tally of 27. Officials say more than 100 are missing.

Eta slammed into Nicaragua last Tuesday as a category four storm and weakened on its path through Honduras, but the torrential rains it unleashed left a trail of devastation and heavy rains from Panama to southeastern Mexico…

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