Fostering resilience in uncertain times

Americans Are Not Very Resilient, And It’s Affecting Our Health. Full story:

My workplace is very stressful; what will help?

Work is always stressful to some degree. There is never enough time in the day, you might not have the resources you need, and people can be difficult. Dysfunctional organisations and managers also have a habit of shifting their failings onto their staff, who may try valiantly to mop up the mess, but who often end up feeling overwhelmed. Here are some practical steps to help…

Fostering resilience in uncertain times

Without a clear idea of what looms ahead with respect to the ongoing pandemic, it is necessary that we add to our coping toolkit a much-required life tool – resilience. You may have heard of the term being used in other contexts such as wars and natural disasters like floods and landslides. Many experts advocate tapping into resilience in order to manage the effects of these circumstances. Considering that we are in the thick of the personal, social, and economic effects of a global pandemic, resilience is a tool that we can surely rely on now. In order for us to dive into the ways in which we can foster resilience during these uncertain times, let’s first explore what resilience is…

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