Why some people just keep bouncing back

5 Things Mentally Strong People Do to Bounce Back from Just About Anything. Full story: https://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/5-things-mentally-strong-people-do-to-bounce-back-from-just-about-anything.html

The Legacy of Change and Resilience – HR during Covid-19

With the majority of companies not having a global pandemic ‘rulebook’ in place, HR teams had to rapidly deal with staff being homebound due to lockdown, maintaining a work life balance and managing time efficiently for the workforce in order to keep operating in our new world created by the virus.

For those of us working in HR, it would prove to be a test of both our resilience and our endurance as we had to prepare ourselves mentally on the way forward. Let’s face it, there were structural decisions that had to be made at pace in order to ensure our employees and the company continued to function safely. Coming to terms with this new environment has meant many business leaders having to rethink the way their companies operate during the lockdown, where the workforce quickly transformed their homes into their ‘new work stations’ and then the unfolding challenge of the hybrid combination of a split workforce partially at home and in the workplace setting…

“Reciprocal Resilience”: The Unexpected Benefit of Helping

Altruism may be thought of as the selfless concern for the well-being of others. Altruism can manifest in many ways, such as donating to charities, volunteering to actively participate in some project or organization that assists others, or simply performing random acts of kindness.

It is a truism that those performing altruistic acts usually report an increase in happiness, self-satisfaction, or accomplishment. But more recent research has revealed an unexpected finding. Simply said, learning to help others become resilient appears to increase the personal resilience of those learning to help…

Why some people just keep bouncing back

At the turn of the 20th Century, Ngāti Toa iwi – whose domain included the top of the South Island and much of the bottom of the North Island – was down to just 70 adult members.

After decades of wellbeing, prosperity and mana, the iwi’s substantial land and maritime empire was reduced to almost nothing; their chief, Te Rauparaha, was kidnapped and held hostage by the colonial government; and the iwi was blackmailed into surrendering thousands of hectares of land. The loss of land has continued through the lifetime of iwi chief executive Helmut Modlik…

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