How to survive the crisis by making a Personal Business Plan

Venice’s Controversial Inflatable Floodgates Save City for the Second Time. Full story:

A drone’s role in natural disasters w/ Airobotics’ Eitan Rotberg

Earlier this week, we spoke with Eitan Rotberg, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Airobotics, about the role drones are playing in natural disasters and what more they can do. Airobotics currently has its autonomous drone system deployed in Deer Park, Houston, Texas…

How to survive the crisis by making a Personal Business Plan

2020 has been a more complicated year than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic . However, it was not the first crisis we have faced in the last 20 years.

12 years ago, Sofía Macías faced a difficult economic moment when her ideal job in a newspaper became so complicated that she had to resign and rethink her entire life plan.

“Crises are usually the moments in which we make changes that we have postponed for convenience,” said Sofía during her participation in the Money Fest , the interactive festival of personal finance in Mexico by the Interactive Museum of Economy ( MIDE )…

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