Food security can bring peace – but agroecology makes it last

FEMA ends policy favoring flood walls over green protections. Full story:

2020 breaks billion-dollar natural disasters record in US

Louisiana is a state dealing with not one, but two multi-billion-dollar natural disasters within the span of six weeks: Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

“This family had just moved in less than a week ago,” said Chuck Robichaux, mayor of the town of Rayne, Louisiana. “They’re just getting settled in, haven’t even put all their things in place, and they’re having to move out until we can get it repaired.”

It’s a heartbreaking scenario playing out across the country this year.

Up until Hurricane Delta, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the country experienced 16 natural disasters this year, each with damages over a $1 billion. Those included wildfires and droughts in the West, tornadoes, severe weather and flooding in the Midwest and hurricanes along the East and Gulf Coast…

Food security can bring peace – but agroecology makes it last

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, as lockdown restrictions scrambled supply chains, the national peasant movement Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas set up an online farmers’ market and delivery system on Facebook, so urban dwellers in Manila could access locally grown grain, fruits, and vegetables.

In Argentina, as thousands lost their jobs and homes, the grassroots organization Union de Trabajadores de la Tierra (Union of Land Workers), supplied vulnerable communities with fresh food. These “sovereign food canteens”, said UTT’s Lucas Tedesco, are powerful reminders that small producers “are the ones who feed our fellow citizens.”

In Zimbabwe, when markets shuttered and farmers’ crops were left to rot in their fields, the farmers’ organization Pelum Zimbabwe mapped farmers, transporters, processors, and other vendors, to connect them to consumers and demonstrate to Zimbabwean policymakers that better access to locally-grown healthy foods reduces hunger, and strengthens community resilience…

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