Building Resilience When You’re Pandemic-Fatigued

Building Resilient Employees Requires Leaders To Take Action On Feedback

“At the beginning of the pandemic, many organizations wondered whether a crisis was the right time to ask for employee feedback. “

Life is fraught with unexpected challenges. Uncertainty and disruption caused by a global pandemic have tested the resilience of workers across the world in a way many have never experienced before. One thing we’ve learned, however, is that resilience is not an innate quality that some have and others don’t. It is a set of resources that can be learned and developed over time.

The most resilient workers have leaders who listen to them and do something about what they’re saying. Organizations that ask employees for feedback and then act quickly on their needs will be the ones that build resilient and psychologically resourceful workforces that come out stronger on the other side of a crisis. Here’s how to take action…

Building Resilience When You’re Pandemic-Fatigued

In 2020, crisis fatigue got a new name: pandemic fatigue.

Crisis fatigue sets in when the human body experiences heightened levels of cortisol and adrenaline for an extended period of time. “When our bodies remain in crisis mode…cortisol and adrenaline can wreak havoc on our physical and mental wellbeing,” says Psychology Today’s Michael Pittaro.

It’s easy to see the connection between crisis and pandemic fatigue. Justin Black, Glint’s Head of People Science, defines pandemic fatigue as “the general sense of malaise employees are experiencing as a result of the intense emotions and sense of uncertainty we wrestle with on a daily basis.” 

In the workplace, this translates to workers feeling less positive, less connected with their peers and leaders, and ultimately less engaged and productive. These feelings are often magnified for the unemployed worker, who may feel lost in a sea of equally qualified candidates—and tired of trying to swim to the top. How can we respond productively when we hit a wall at every turn?

There’s no silver bullet to solve all of our career and mental-health problems at once, but there is a trait that every worker, employed and unemployed, can start developing to tackle these challenges. And that trait is resilience…

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