Corpses washed from cemeteries in France-Italy floods

Why more women die in Nepal’s natural disasters. Full story:

Owning a pet during coronavirus had a ‘buffering’ effect on mental health

IN APRIL, Naomi Mishkin, an artist and designer, could hear the constant sound of sirens from her apartment in Brooklyn, New York. She runs a fashion line, Naomi Nomi, and it had pivoted to making masks when the pandemic hit. There were stretches of days where she wouldn’t leave home, glued to her computer and phone, moving thousands and thousands of masks to customers while ambulances sped by.

Then, her partner said it was about time they finally got a dog. Now, she shares her space with Lady, a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.

“There were definitely days in June and July when the only reason I left my house was because my dog needed to go out,” Naomi tells me. “Having a dog around reminds you of your own, basic needs. Everything I’m going to say about her is totally cheesy, but she just makes me really happy.”

Mishkin isn’t alone in her feelings toward having a pet. In a study released this week in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers reported 90 percent of respondents said their pet helped them cope emotionally with coronavirus lockdowns. This result was based on a survey of 6,000 pet-owning participants living in the United Kingdom who took part in the study between March 23 to June 1, 2020.

Corpses washed from cemeteries in France-Italy floods

The task of searching for victims of the French and Italian floods in Alpine villages and on nearby coasts has grown more gruesome as authorities have said corpses from cemeteries have been swept down the mountain by violent rains.

A spokeswoman for France’s Alpes-Maritimes regional administration, badly hit by the storm along with the Italian regions of Liguria and Piedmont, said it was unclear where the bodies had come from but corpses unearthed from cemeteries had washed up on the Italian side.

The cemetery corpses were in such an advanced state of decomposition that they were clearly distinguishable from recent storm victims, the spokeswoman told the Associated Press. Local authorities said cemeteries in the French towns of Saint-Martin-de-Vésubie and Tende were partially washed out by the floods. The mayor of Tende, Jean-Pierre Vassallo, told Le Parisien newspaper that the village cemetery “was cut in two” and bodies were unearthed…

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