Gender Equality is Important to Building Resilience and Peace during Disasters and Conflict

Preserving our sense of humour during COVID. Full story:

Here’s How You Can Build Resilience and Tackle Mental Health Problems.

Covid-19 has triggered a global financial crisis and due to strict adoption of lockdown measures, the magnitude of poor mental health is increasing across the world. The ‘New Normal’ hopes to bring a positive outcome, but the fear of contracting the virus is making it difficult for people to live through these times. All we need is to do is go back to basics and work on maintaining mental health by sculpting resilience on a daily basis. Resilience is a healthy pathway to cope with stress, fear and anxiety. It will make you, the people you care about and the community stronger. The bounce-back-ability is a kind of “miracle drug” personality trait, something that can heal all wounds and right all wrongs. It is a wonderful trait to have as it is related to a plethora of positive outcomes, and “perhaps most important of all” it can be improved….

Gender Equality is Important to Building Resilience and Peace during Disasters and Conflict

“The gender perspective highlights how pre-existing inequalities and vulnerabilities are exacerbated in conflict and in disasters,” said Susanne Kozak, a doctoral candidate at Monash University at a recent event hosted by the Environmental Peacebuilding Association and University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Science.

Conflict and natural disasters are often correlated: approximately 58 percent of deaths related to natural hazards take place in the world’s 30 most fragile states.  “[T]he relationship between disasters and conflicts can be and often is mutually reinforcing,” said Marisa Ensor, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s Justice and Peace Studies Program. “Disasters that occurred in conflict-affected and fragile contexts are likely to exacerbate the impacts and fault lines of that conflict. At the same time, the impacts of disasters such as food insecurity and disruption of markets have the potential to reinforce drivers of conflict….

The importance of building resilience in staff to manage with unexpected challenges within the workplace

Businesses should think differently about ways to build resilience, staff togetherness and develop new ideas during the pandemic, according to leaders at a national training-and-skills company.

Skern Lodge’s Training and Development Manager Richard Thomas said well-designed outdoor learning programmes can be a really useful addition to the training mix as it engages staff in meaningful ways in a Covid-secure outdoor environment.

Richard said: “As we start heading back into offices again, outdoor learning through activities can present a unique opportunity to reset goals, share experiences and identify new challenges for the benefit of employees and, ultimately, the wider business….

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