Tech intensity’ key to business resilience, says Satya Nadella

According to this chart, natural disasters are getting worse…. let’s talk about that. Full Story:

The Key to Resilience And Sustainability: Interconnected Industries

If COVID-19 has taught businesses anything, it’s that the winners of tomorrow are resilient, and able to adapt in real-time during times of crisis. How have they achieved this success?

In the main, they have used digital transformation to pivot and supercharge their business models. Core to digital transformation is a modular architecture, which enables rapid response, prototyping and implementation. So how exactly are businesses going about this transformation in order to meet changing customer needs?

To start with, companies are becoming increasingly customer centric. They are increasing their communication with customers, trying to understand sentiment in order to quickly meet their changing needs in a challenging environment, and keep their fingers on the pulse…

‘Tech intensity’ key to business resilience, says Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Tuesday said “tech intensity” will play a key role in enhancing business resilience as well as transformation of organisations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at a ‘Microsoft Ignite’ event, Nadella said the case for digital transformation has never been more urgent to succeed in a “world of unprecedented constraints”. “…they will need to empower employees, foster a new culture of hybrid work, engage their customers in new ways, intelligently and virtually transform products and services with new business models and optimise operations to keep customers and employees, safe and secure,” he added. He noted that tech intensity is key to business resilience as well as transformation.

Nadella explained that tech intensity revolves around how an organisation adopts the latest technology and integrates it into the firm, how it builds its own unique digital capability, and the ‘trust factor’….

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