COVID-19 Takes Toll On Employee Mental Health And Wellbeing

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COVID-19 Takes Toll On Employee Mental Health And Wellbeing

COVID-19 has created a unique set of emotional challenges in the workplace, an issue employers need effective tools to support and manage.

Tamara Mapp-Borren, Acting CEO of Umbrella says, “COVID-19 has created a whole new work environment, there are great opportunities within this and a whole new set of challenges. As organisations pivot their approaches, their employees are navigating both work and community changes as we all focus on ‘staying safe’.

“Alert Level restrictions are still fluctuating and at times appear frustrating. The uncertain social, economic and employment future is a significant stressor for people, contributing to heightened psychological distress and decreased resilience to adapt to continued changes.”

Umbrella Wellbeing specialises in enabling mentally healthy workplaces and Tamara says it’s vital this is addressed by employers as a core part of their overall response to Covid….

Building resilience for the future of work

The modern workplace is evolving faster than anyone ever imagined. The global health crisis has caused a paradigm shift in the way we work. In the last few months, organizations have responded to the crisis with unparalleled agility, adopting digital solutions to reboot their enterprises and reimagining the way they operate. As Satya Nadella recently said, “we’ve seen two years of digital transformation in two months.” We’ve seen an acceleration of many workplace changes already well underway…

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