How staff agility and resilience it tied to organisational success through pandemic

Does Resilience Really Exist? How To Build A Psychologically Resourceful Workforce. Full story:

Millennial Mind: Resiliency and grit help combat coronavirus despair

It was Game 1 of the 1995 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals and the Indiana Pacers were trailing by six points to the New York Knicks with just 18 seconds to play in the game.

It looked like the Pacers would surely lose the battle and go in to Game 2 having lost a heartbreaker.

Then, the miraculous happened. It was one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history.

Reggie Miller made two three-pointers in the span of 3.1 seconds (the second after he intercepted an inbounds pass) to tie the score at 105-105…

Career Resilience: How Small Steps Can Lead To The Greatest Success

The job market is in turmoil, and unemployment is higher than it has been in years. While some may be furloughed, others are facing increased demands making them busier than ever. Still others report their job feels at risk, and some are re-building their careers in the wake of job shifts.

Now is the time to create career resilience, and the best way to do that may be unexpected: Do small things really well. Set aside your need to get noticed and your craving for the spectacular project. Surprisingly, it’s often the little efforts that make the biggest career impact…

How staff agility and resilience it tied to organisational success through pandemic

As the coronavirus upends economies and industries, organizations that want to survive must have an agile and resilient workforce. A new Aon survey looks at these crucial skills and how organizations are cultivating them.

COVID-19 has transformed the way most of us work. But what are the key changes that will help organizations stay competitive? A new survey from Aon looks at how businesses will be able to thrive during times of transition…

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