Climate fires and hurricanes collide in this shocking NASA satellite image

‘Solastalgia’ and the psychological effects of natural disasters. People get solace from where they live, and when natural disasters destroy those places, they feel anxiety and despair, or “solastalgia.”Image by skeeze from Pixabay Full story:

Climate fires and hurricanes collide in this shocking NASA satellite image

Smoke meets cyclones in a jarring new series of satellite images posted to NASA’s Earth Observatory website.

In the images, which combine recent observations of the United States taken by several different NASA satellites from Sept. 14 to 16, orange-tinted smoke from an immense series of wildfires on the West Coast sails clean across the country to collide with tropical cyclones on the other side.

One image, from Sept. 15, shows the two weather catastrophes directly interacting, as churning winds from Hurricane Paulette literally block wildfire smoke in the upper atmosphere from flowing further into the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, Hurricane Sally — bearing down on the Gulf Coast at the time — pushes the smoke plume further north. When Paulette dissipated the following day, the smoke continued its eastward journey over the ocean…

How Sudan’s Record Flooding Could Affect Ethiopia Dam Project

The recent flooding in Sudan has claimed hundreds of lives, destroyed tens of thousands of homes and displaced over one million people, forcing Khartoum to declare a three-month state of emergency.

Sudanese authorities have blamed heavy rains originating from neighboring Ethiopia for the unprecedented disastrous flooding, which has reportedly exceeded records set in 1946 and 1988, with “expectations of continued rising indicators” as reported by Al Jazeera.

Though this is not the first time for the Nile to burst its banks, victims say this is the worst case of flooding they have ever witnessed…

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