‘It’s normal to feel abnormal’: experts discuss behavioral impacts of COVID-19

Image: AKodisinghe, Getty Images/iStockPhoto Data centers: Why disaster recovery preparation is even more important during a pandemic Full story: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/data-centers-why-disaster-recovery-preparation-is-even-more-important-during-a-pandemic/

Millennials and Gen Z are spreading coronavirus—but not because of parties and bars

WHEN PARAMEDICS RUSHED the pregnant Honduran woman into the emergency room, 28-year-old Chuan-Jay Jeffrey Chen stood ready to receive her. It was April, and the pandemic had already taken over his final year as an emergency medicine resident. Of all the coronavirus patients surging into Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, this 32-year-old patient remains Chen’s most memorable.

The woman was so short of breath she could barely speak, so Chen would need to intubate her—a tricky procedure that requires precision as well as speed. Every moment without oxygen causes a patient’s chances of survival to decline; pregnancy further complicates the scenario by making airways swollen, causing blood pressure to drop more quickly. As Chen set to work and talked her through the steps in Spanish, he also tried to calm his own nerves…

‘It’s normal to feel abnormal’: Inslee brings experts to discuss behavioral impacts of COVID-19

Washington State Department of Health Behavioral Health Strike Team Co-Lead Kira Mauseth spoke about mental health experiences one might face during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said that individuals might have found themselves more forgetful or unable to track details in the past weeks or months, or may be more quick to anger.

Mauseth said the next few months the state is heading into the “disillusionment phase” of disaster response, where individuals have a hard time coming to terms with what the “new normal” of a situation will look like. She said the disillusionment was a common experience with all individuals experiencing some of the symptoms…

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