Wildfires Have Rendered Our World Unrecognizable

By 2050 one billion displaced due to natural disasters and lack of resources. Full story: http://asianews.it/news-en/By-2050-one-billion-displaced-due-to-natural-disasters-and-lack-of-resources-51015.html

Massive Swarms of Mosquitoes Kill Livestock After Hurricane Laura Hits

Swarms of mosquitoes in Louisiana have left hundreds of cattle and some horses dead.

WWLTV reports that, according to experts in southwest Louisiana, the clouds of mosquitoes became thick from Hurricane Laura, which, after it made landfall on Aug. 27, pushed the insects out of marshes.

Veterinarian Craig Fontenot told the outlet that the mosquitoes drained the animals’ blood and the animals became extremely tired from having to keep moving to avoid getting bitten.

Fontenot believes that hundreds of cattle and a few horses have been killed in a five-parish area, with reports emerging that several cattle owners have lost as many as eight animals, and three horses have also died from the mosquitoes. “There’s a lot on the verge of dying,” Fontenot said. Spraying has started to weaken the swarms of mosquitoes.

The Category 4 hurricane came ashore in late August near the Texas state line, ripping through parts of the state and parts of Louisiana with sustained winds of 150 mph, ultimately killing six in Louisiana. It was later downgraded to a tropical storm, with flooding rainfall and tropical force winds spreading across portions of Arkansas…

Wildfires Have Rendered Our World Unrecognizable

Extreme heat has fueled some of the worst fires on record in many parts of the globe. Unprecedented bushfires that started last December in Australia burned through 17 million hectares (42 million acres), an area the size of the state of Washington, and killed at least 33 people. California’s fire season has already broken records, with 3.1 million acres burned and 3,900 structures destroyed as of Sept. 10. Elsewhere, wildfires have destroyed native forests, forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people, worsened air pollution, and released carbon dioxide that will contribute to yet more warming…

Investing in women crucial to improving disaster resilience

Investing in women helps build resilience to disasters and climate change. This was highlighted by the Permanent Secretary for Women, Jennifer Poole while speaking at the National Consultation on Women’s Resilience to Disasters.

Poole says their Ministry stands in commitment towards the invaluable work of women’s resilience to disasters and will continuously champion concerns through a participatory approach as they uphold the overarching development goal of “gender equality” and “leaving no one behind”.

The Permanent Secretary says government recognizes that investing in women in a targeted manner can help increase resilience adding that given women’s social roles, they are challenged by and have a deeper understanding of rural and urban vulnerabilities…

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