2020 wildfires in California and west: Everything we know and where to donate

Economic Effects of Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, and Irma
Mitigation projects, like this system of levees and other barriers in New Orleans, could improve communities’ resilience to coastal storms and flooding. Full story: https://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-20-633R

2020 wildfires in California and west: Everything we know and where to donate

An unprecedented fire season is wreaking havoc across the Western US, with nearly 100 major wildfires tearing across multiple states and air quality plummeting. At least 24 people have died, with dozens more missing and over 3,000 homes, and entire neighborhoods, destroyed since the season began. By Friday in Oregon, which has declared a state of emergency, half a million people were under evacuation orders as two fires threatened to merge and continue rapidly advancing toward Salem and Portland’s suburbs. Oregon fires have burned more than 1 million acres, said the state’s governor, Kate Brown. She called the blazes a “once-in-a-generation event.”

California’s wildfires, driven by extreme blazes in August and September, have already burned more acres than any year on record. As of Thursday, there are blazes burning…

Will Phoenix rise from the ashes? Deadly wildfires devastate Oregon town

The 76-year-old wildfire evacuee hadn’t cried at first when she returned to the smoldering ruins of Phoenix, a town of 4,500 surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards about 25 miles north of the California state line. She kept her composure despite the fact that her hometown now resembled pictures she’d seen of war-torn Syria. Four people had died in the fire that erupted Tuesday and at least one more was still missing, the entire town treated as a crime scene as forensic crews combed debris for additional remains…

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