Build Resilience And Thrive In Adversity

Resilience triples with well-rounded wellbeing support

Resilience is a hot topic in global HR and leadership right now

What is resilience?

Resilience is a hot topic in global HR and leadership right now. Paul Williamson, a learning and development expert and leadership coach, defines resilience as being all about flexibility. “It’s the complete opposite of rigidity,” he says. “When we’re resilient we are free to move around, to stretch and take the strain. We have access to our resourcefulness and creativity, and invest our energy wisely in the right activities to get the best results.”

According to Aon, just 30% of employee respondents are resilient based on three core indicators – the employees’ sense of security, sense of belonging and ability to reach their potential. Resilience in a work environment means people can better adapt to adverse situations, manage stress and retain motivation, enabling organisations to better manage change. The research showed, however, that 42% of all employee respondents don’t feel secure at work, 52% don’t feel a sense of belonging and 55% don’t feel they can reach their potential….

Build Resilience And Thrive In Adversity

Personal, professional, and financial lives have been stressed, shaken, or completely screwed up by COVID-19, thanks to stay-at-home orders and physical distancing mandates.

During average, ordinary days and times, when a healthy adult incurs a stressor, they can cope reflexively and effectively. In the face of frustrations at work or a conflict in a relationship, a trusted coping strategy can help us to “shake it off” or “push through” in order to solve problems. These strategies might include a long ride, dinner with friends, a hot bath, or even a good cry.

But when stress stretches itself out across our work, family, and leisure, and days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, we all need more than a bike ride and a tear-jerking rom-com to cope. We need adaptive thinking and behaviors that can help us to persist. To maintain hope. To access our strengths in the face of long-term adversity…

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