2020 is changing the way we ‘Do Risk and Resilience’ forever

Older volunteers, a mainstay in hurricane rebuilding, are hard to find in a pandemic that puts them at risk

Image source: Photo: Elizabeth Conley, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer
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Why raising resilient kids could be as simple as doing nothing

For many parents raising resilient kids is one of the holy grails of child rearing.

But how do parents teach children to bounce back from their failures a bit stronger and a bit wiser? The answer could be as simple as doing nothing. Clinical psychologist Lisa Ford said adults should sometimes resist the urge to swoop in to rescue children from their problems.

“It’s a really difficult thing to do sometimes as a parent but just really noticing when we could give our children space to have a go at working through that for themselves,” she said. “When they overcome problems and face difficult situations, they’re really building those pathways in the brain to negotiate bigger stresses when they come along.”…

2020 is changing the way we ‘Do Risk and Resilience’ forever

ou are the CRO. Responsible for measuring risk impacts due to not only the pandemic, but multiple uncertainties ranging from disrupted supply chains, economic impacts to historic wildfires and hurricanes.

How you and your teams do risk and resilience management is transforming today and will evolve tomorrow and every day into the future as we adapt to these crises.  We are compelled to raise risk management to a new level.

As organisations deal with this unprecedented global emergency, leaders must plan, act, and adapt to ever-widening repercussions on a near-real time basis…

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