The 10 Commandments Of Career Resilience: How Many Have You Broken?

Research: Knowledge Workers Are More Productive from Home

For many years, we have sought to understand and measure the productivity of knowledge workers, whose inputs and outputs can’t be tracked in the same way as a builder, shelf-stacker, or call center worker. Knowledge workers apply subjective judgment to tasks, they decide what to do when, and they can withhold effort (by not fully engaging their brain) often without anyone noticing. This make attempts to improve their productivity very difficult.

In this 2013 HBR article, we presented research showing that knowledge workers spend two-thirds of their time in meetings or doing desk-based work, even though they found these activities mostly tiresome. We proposed some steps people could take to shift time to more worthwhile activities, such as talking to customers or coaching subordinates. Of course, we all get stuck in patterns of activity reinforced by the routines of office life…

The 10 Commandments Of Career Resilience: How Many Have You Broken?

How many of the 10 Commandments of resilience have you broken?
 Image credit: GETTY

If your work trajectory is like most career climbers, you will have job obstacles and pressures every step of the way. But job skills and talents aren’t the only prerequisites for career advancement and success. The Holy grail of mental and physical resilience also determines whether you reach your goals, perhaps even more than your talents. The following 10 commandments of resilience help you perform you best work and sustain you over the long haul…

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