How to Get Through Hard Times Without Hurting People We Love

10 habits that define mentally resilient people, according to the author of a book on emotional intelligence for leaders

The year 2020 has brought more than its fair share of trauma – a pandemic, unexpected isolation, sudden deaths, massive job losses, a videotaped murder by a police officer, global protests against systemic racism, and more. Many of us might fear we’ll never bounce back from the resulting challenges and hard times. But contrary to popular belief, after emotional turmoil, most trauma survivors eventually bounce back, recover, and return to their lives. And in some cases, they do much more. They bounce forward and experience post-traumatic growth…


How to Get Through Hard Times Without Hurting People We Love

“During adversity and times when you feel unable to find your balance, gratitude can be a tool for comfort.” Jenna Rector

Just the other day, I had one of those moments with my husband, and not the kind of moment they write about in romance novels.  The world has been so different these last several months, and so many are feeling the effects of months of struggle, uncertainty, frustration, and limitations.

I consider myself to be someone who works to see the positive, finds the silver living in situations, and believes in the best of people, and that things can and will always get better. But lately, that has been more of a struggle. My husband is amazing, and incredible in so many ways, but he is always the more likely to see the bottom falling out, expect bad things, and struggle with restrictions and limitations being placed on him…


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