11 Tips to Build Emotional Resilience

Pandemic puts countries’ resilience to the test

The pandemic has forced companies and governments to relearn some basic lessons. In this case, the three “Rs” are resilience, reshoring and repurposing. Institutions everywhere are examining how prepared they are for the worst. The answer for all has been: not very. The early scramble for national supplies of personal protective equipment as governments realised they did not have enough to cope with the scale of the health emergency was followed by fears over a shortage of critical medicines and key ingredients. The current focus is on securing access to a potential vaccine, with the US government on Friday agreeing a $2.1bn deal with Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline to buy 100m doses.

More than any other health or economic crisis in recent years, coronavirus has exposed the developed world’s reliance on imports and the fragility of long global supply chains. Self-sufficiency is the new mantra…


11 Tips to Build Emotional Resilience

“Though leaders usually have to contain their emotions to lead organizations through a crisis, the suppression of feelings can impact effectiveness.” – Angela Kambouris Image credit: Photo: Sloop Communications | Getty Images

There is no playbook for preserving emotional health during a pandemic, and people all around the world are struggling. Every leader has faced moments of crisis both large and small. Meanwhile, the end of the global lockdown feels a long way off. As disruption to our daily routines continues, workers and leaders alike might experience shifting emotions, feelings of irritability and awareness of disconnection. Whether it is trying work remotely while kids are screaming in the next room or dealing with the loss of a job, everyone’s inner resources are being stretched.

Building emotional resilience helps leaders draw on their inner strengths to learn, rebound and develop new coping strategies. Emotional resilience can be cultivated, but it demands time and commitment. By taking steps each day to build up emotionally resilient muscles, you can restore equilibrium, make deposits in your resilience bank account, and become a better leader through this crisis and into the future…


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