‘One day at a time’: To weather pandemic, learn how to bounce back

eruption July
Huge eruption engulfs remote Nishinoshima south of Tokyo. Full story: http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/photo/32323757


‘One day at a time’: To weather pandemic, learn how to bounce back

To Lonnie Dupre, the Grand Marais-based Arctic explorer and mountaineer, enduring a pandemic is a little like trekking to the North Pole, something he’s done twice.

The trip involves traversing the Arctic Ocean, which is roughly 1½ times the size of the United States and frozen into a jumble of pack ice. Temperatures hover around 50 below, you’re dragging a 200-pound sled behind your skis and the treacherous ice mass is moving, so with every step forward, you’re slowly drifting back.

With our coronavirus “journey,” Dupre said, there’s no way to know how much longer it will last: “Is it a two-month expedition, or a three-year expedition?”

The pandemic has upended the world’s daily rhythms and sense of security. It has killed half a million people and ravaged the global economy….


Coastal flooding threatens 20% of global economy by 2100: study

Coastal flooding caused by storm surges and rising sea levels could threaten as much as 20% of the world’s GDP by the end of the century without intervention to tackle climate change or help protect coastal regions, according to a new study from a group of international researchers.

The coasts of Northwest Europe, including the Southeast of England; the East coast of the United States; and India, particularly around the Bay of Bengal, are some of the regions that are particularly at risk, the study found.

The study, Projections of global-scale extreme sea levels and resulting episodic coastal flooding over the 21st Century, was published on Thursday in Scientific Reports, a Nature journal. It was a collaboration between researchers from the University of Melbourne, IHE Delt in the Netherlands, the University of Amsterdam, the University of East Anglia in the U.K., and Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany…



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