11 Tips to Build Emotional Resilience

individual resilience
Resilience – A Key Factor For Individual And Business Success Full story: http://www.businessworld.in/article/Resilience-A-Key-Factor-For-Individual-And-Business-Success-/25-07-2020-299264/

Australia’s ‘black summer’ bushfires showed the impact of human-wrought change

Australia’s “black summer” megafires were a severe blow to ecosystems already reeling from decades of adverse impacts. Feral predators and grazers, weeds and unsustainable land and water use have reduced the resilience of nature in Australia. So when the unprecedented fires came, they were able to push species to the brink.

Walking the fire grounds it was impossible to miss the immediate impacts: charred bodies of snakes lying among rocks, and dead wallabies floating in waterholes. But some astonishing survivors were also to be seen: small lizards that had waited it out in burrows, and birds that had fled to safety then returned. And with rain, the trees and grasses swiftly resprouted…


11 Tips to Build Emotional Resilience

There is no playbook for preserving emotional health during a pandemic, and people all around the world are struggling. Every leader has faced moments of crisis both large and small. Meanwhile, the end of the global lockdown feels a long way off. As disruption to our daily routines continues, workers and leaders alike might experience shifting emotions, feelings of irritability and awareness of disconnection. Whether it is trying work remotely while kids are screaming in the next room or dealing with the loss of a job, everyone’s inner resources are being stretched.

Building emotional resilience helps leaders draw on their inner strengths to learn, rebound and develop new coping strategies. Emotional resilience can be cultivated, but it demands time and commitment. By taking steps each day to build up emotionally resilient muscles, you can restore equilibrium, make deposits in your resilience bank account, and become a better leader through this crisis and into the future…


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