Business resilience only possible when people and process are resilient

How To Help Your Employees Adjust To Change

resilient team 2
“Most employees are resilient to the point that they can pivot when change arises…” – Robb Misso – Forbes Councils Member Image credit: Getty

It is no secret that people are resistant to change. However, change is not always a bad thing; changes in the workplace are growing pains that can facilitate growth and adaptation. The question is how, exactly, can you help co-workers embrace change rather than resist it? Below are five strategies to help your team seamlessly adjust to change in the workplace…


Business resilience only possible when people and process are resilient

The biggest lesson COVID-19 has taught us is to always be prepared. It has put the spotlight on remote working, but best-in-class business continuity is more than that alone. The virus outbreak has tested business continuity plans in every industry in every country and highlighted what it really takes to be prepared and resilient.

Business continuity plans are essential for companies to be resilient in today’s world of heightened risk. A thorough business continuity plan gives you a fighting chance of keeping the business running during difficult times, while protecting your brand’s reputation, your customers, and employees…

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