Integrating Individual and Organizational Well-Being

‘Business As Unusual’ Generates More Human Impact, Resilience And New Experiences

Whoever came up with the adage “Life must go on” probably wasn’t imagining a 21st-century world where a virus could so quickly, and without warning, wreak havoc on such a global scale. Even the most mature companies have never encountered this level of turmoil before and have joined the ranks of others who were underprepared. But they also probably couldn’t have imagined the resilience of people, societies and businesses to adapt and overcome challenges with equal speed.

Looking beyond the immediate crisis, what’s truly emboldening and exciting to me is the innovations that have emerged (and continue to emerge). This is, in many respects, a once-in-a-generation opportunity in which we must reimagine and redefine the way we work, live and interact with our peers, teams, families and friends…


Integrating Individual and Organizational Well-Being

“Our initial research revealed that enhancing inner well-being for individuals reduces burnout, enhances resiliency, and increases trust and open-mindedness.” – Alana Cookman & Gayle Karen Young Whyte

At a 2017 event hosted by The Wellbeing Project (TWP), Gabriela Gandel, executive director of the social entrepreneur network Impact Hub, expressed the need to address dysfunction and high rates of burnout across the social change sector, through the development of well-being at the organizational level. Her comments resonated with everyone in the room and led TWP to engage with hundreds of people who echoed a desire to learn how social change organizations can develop well-being initiatives.

We continue to hear a strong desire for greater organizational well-being in the social sector, but the need is also plain to see. Institutional dysfunction has been making headlines globally for years, most recently in a series of open letters to the board of Planned Parenthood. The letters outline how financial wrongdoing, abusive and discriminatory behavior, disregard for staff well-being, and a culture of silence has resulted in the erosion of accountability toward the organization’s mission and values…

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