A Time for New Resilience in a World of Change

resilient team
How to build a resilient team Full story: https://www.thehrdirector.com/features/leadership/how-to-build-a-resilient-team/


Why Small Firms Are Vital For Post-Lockdown Recovery

A new report from The Entrepreneurs Network and Xero highlights the need to support the post-Covid economic recovery by getting more small firms to use productivity enhancing technology.

Upgrade: Closing the digital gap and lifting productivity for SME draws on Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) data to show that if the 1.1m micro businesses (0-9 employees) in the U.K. doubled their uptake of key digital technologies, the U.K. economy would get a £16.6bn boost.

This equates to a £4,050 average productivity boost for the 4.09m workers employed by micro businesses, restoring four-fifths of lost productivity growth between the financial crisis and the lockdown, enabling businesses to bounce back faster post-lockdown…


A Time for New Resilience in a World of Change

We are all connecting from the comforts of our homes since the mandatory lock down. Like me, I think you would like this to end and get back to your individual routines. The last couple of months was good or bad for some of us. Our focus has been on ensuring the safety of our families, our teams, our customers and our friends. We have also been looking after the safety and security of our businesses.

For the last 12 weeks, we have listened to thought leaders, inspirational speakers, CEOs and founders, friends, family, politicians, and the man in the street on their interpretation of COVID-19 and COVID-19 responses. This pandemic has challenged the way we work. It has questioned the need for real estate and for travel among other things. The question to us is, “Should I change my mindset to that of being grateful? Saying thanks to the universe for an opportunity to rest, rewind, readjust, refuel and refocus…

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