When Natural Disasters Cross the Path of COVID-19

Resilience and creativity to expand amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

In an online interview with Anoty Africa’s co-owner, Mr Vhutshilo Nemutshili, he shared this wonderful quote by Maxwell speaking about leadership and the power of shared knowledge. As we follow his entrepreneurial journey we recognise his resilient efforts to rise above the current crisis and still come up with fresh ideas to do business. We also get to see how he leaned on other expertise to increase his own knowledge during this time as well as his ability to share skills with others, even creating new jobs within the online shopping industry…


When Natural Disasters Cross the Path of COVID-19

Health care workers walk in the Dharavi area of Mumbai, India. Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images

As of late June, India had the fourth-highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world, at more than 525,000. In May and June, the country also was hit by two destructive cyclones, just ahead of the onset of the monsoon season. India now faces the dual challenge of containing a pandemic in the face of natural disasters. Climate changes further complicate the process, as the intensity of natural hazards in general is forecast to increase.

Researchers say it is time to start a modeling effort that brings together these threats. wo cyclones ripped through eastern and western India between mid-May and early June, felling electric poles and disrupting power to hospitals and quarantine centers.

First, Super Cyclone Amphan, with wind speeds reaching 260 kilometers per hour, pounded the states of Odisha and West Bengal in eastern India before moving on to Bangladesh. Two weeks later, Nisarga, a severe cyclone with wind speeds reaching 118 kilometers per hour, tore into Maharashtra in western India, blowing away the roof of a hospital just north of Mumbai. Maharashtra was already struggling with the country’s highest number of coronavirus cases…

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