When life gives you lemons – what we can learn about resilience

Reimagining operational resilience in the aftermath of COVID-19. “Organisations must review their entire business resilience program and incorporate enhancements based on proven best practice and lessons learned from the pandemic.”- John Beattie, Principal Consultant at Sungard Availability Services Full story: https://irishtechnews.ie/operational-resilience-in-aftermath-of-covid-19/

Finding Resilience During Covid-19 Situation

As the entire world is working hard towards fighting the coronavirus pandemic, millions of lives are affected due to the lockdown and economic slowdown situation. This has created panic and anxiety among people, and they are finding it challenging to deal with this situation. While the virus has done its share of damage, the major blow has come with the aftereffects of this pandemic. With social distancing becoming a norm soon, many businesses and life, in general, have got severely affected. We were simply not prepared to handle this kind of situation, and it has struck us with lightning speed…


When life gives you lemons – what we can learn about resilience

It was New Year’s Eve the day my mother was told she only had a short time to live. We bought in the New Year drinking wine and talking about anything except death.

In fact mum never did come to terms with dying. She faced it like she faced everything else in her life, with a bottomless well of optimism, determination and a belief in the sheer force of her will making the death sentence go away.

She threw herself into community service, made plans at Christmas for the next one, and was sure every time she went into remission that she’d beaten the cancer for good, ignoring the gentle warnings from her doctor.

Even on the days when it was almost impossible for her to hold down food and the effort to get out of bed was huge she would make herself go into town for her daily coffee…


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