How to Have a Resilient, Positive Mindset


What makes people stop caring? But our inability to comprehend the suffering that such numbers entail can harm the way we respond to such tragedies. Even now, there is evidence that people are suffering from coronavirus news fatigue and reading less about the pandemic. Full story:

Defeating Business Disruption in a Post-COVID-19 Era

The prospect of an IT outage is one of the key issues that keep IT professionals awake at night. From natural disasters to malicious cyber-attacks, organisations face an abundance of risks to business continuity that impact productivity, prosperity, financial stability and reputation. These worries have only been exacerbated in recent months as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an unprecedented impact on worldwide economies, trade and the survival of individual businesses…


How to Have a Resilient, Positive Mindset

Neil Pasricha didn’t cut away to what he calls “flashy PowerPoint videos and slides.” The NY Times bestselling author and TED speaker spoke to Safety 2020 attendees about positive psychology and how someone can build resilience during difficult times.

Pasricha’s story began ten years ago when he was happily married, working at Walmart as the director of leadership development. One night, his wife asked for a divorce. Upset with the news, he called his friend to discuss the development. The next morning, he received a phone call from his friend’s sister that his friend had died by suicide. Over the next four years, he started a blog called The blog was his way of processing the heartbreak mentally and emotionally…

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