7 Secrets You Need To Know For Building Resilience

Why good workplace mental health is the key to post-Covid recovery. Full story: https://www.smeweb.com/2020/06/23/why-good-workplace-mental-health-is-the-key-to-post-covid-recovery/?cli_action=1593591590.338


Top Global Brands Showed Resilience and Saw Increases Through Pandemic

Though the ripple effect of the pandemic’s social, economic and personal impacts has been calamitous for businesses both small and large, some brands have demonstrated immunity in the face of the health crisis.

According to the 15th edition of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands rankings report released today, investing in marketing, brand building and innovation was key to revenue growth and recovery during Covid-19.

Commissioned by WPP and conducted by brand equity research expert Kantar, the report indicates that the net worth of BrandZ’s Top 100 increased by 5.9% in 2020, hitting $5 trillion and delivering $227 billion in additional brand value growth. Per the report, prior to the global pandemic, the total value of the Top 100 brands had been set to increase by 9%…


7 Secrets You Need To Know For Building Resilience

Due to the popularity of last week’s article, 13 Habits of Mentally Tough People, I wanted to do a follow-up piece on the subject of resilience – an attribute many of us need now more than ever. My experiences in Navy SEAL training followed by the rigors of combat permanently transformed my perspective on adversity. So, how can anyone actively master the fine art of building resilience and mental fortitude? Guess what? It’s a choice…


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