Pandemic is yet another hurdle for resilient millennials and Gen Z

Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger, Just as Climate Scientists Predicted

Rising seas, longer droughts, more devastating wildfires … many are the grim predictions that climate scientists have been warning may come courtesy of a warming planet. Of hurricanes scientists have suggested they will become slower moving and stronger – making for a one-two punch as storms linger and compound the destruction. The idea is that hurricanes feed off the energy that warmer water provides.

The hurricanes of late certainly seem worse than ever; but is that just an anecdotal assumption? Humans do tend to do that. But alas, analysis of satellite imagery from the past 40 years suggests that global warming has increased the chances of storms reaching Category 3 or higher…


Pandemic is yet another hurdle for resilient millennials and Gen Z

gen z
If anyone doubted the importance of protecting the Earth to these generations, the fact it was ranked as a top concern both before and during a global health and economic crisis demonstrates where their priorities lie. Photo: Getty / Westend61

In the nine years we’ve conducted the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey, the idealism of the workforce’s youngest generations has been a constant. Their ascendance into adulthood has been marked by technological transformation, financial upheaval, new global threats, and political, social, and civil rights movements.

Through it all, they’ve had big demands and high expectations of businesses, governments, and their employers. Over the years, though, we’ve watched their optimism wane as careers launched during a global recession failed to blossom as many hoped. Living with societal unrest and accelerated transformation in the workplace has further fueled their uneasiness…

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