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Belonging can spur resilience during a crisis, study says

347 risk analysts were asked: “What are the most likely risks for the world over the next year and a half?”


The World Economic Forum interviewed 347 risk analysts about the challenges the world could face in a post-COVID world. The experts weighed in on economic, societal, geopolitical, tech, and environmental risks (basically, a STEEP analysis). The four most likely threats are prolonged global recession at 68.6%, more bankruptcies/consolidation at 56.8%, industries fail o recover at 55.9%, and high unemployment at 49.3%…


Belonging can spur resilience during a crisis, study says

A sense of belonging for all employees is crucial amid the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide calls for racial and social justice, according to the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI). A report released June 22 analyzed a survey of 3,711 college-educated professionals and found employees with a higher sense of belonging are more likely to be engaged, stay at their company for more than two years and recommend it to others…

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