Build your network to boost resilience in times of change

Build your network to boost resilience in times of change

The world is changing so fast. It’s as if the ground is shifting and the wave is building and either we get dunked onto the sand with our bikini around our necks, or we build a surfboard and learn to surf the wave.

The skills and personal competencies we need to survive and thrive in this rapidly changing world are not the same as they were 20 or 30 years ago when some of us entered the working world. Yesterday, experience and knowing the way things work, was a strength. Today, experience can be something that stops you from learning and seeing opportunities for change.

Many of us need to unlearn old and established thinking patterns and mindsets to remain relevant in a shifting world. We need to let go of the idea of company loyalty or vice versa as companies restructure and reorganise in an effort to surf the wave too…


Help Your Employees Manage Their Reentry Anxiety

stay home
“Quarantining and social distancing have meant that people have lost the very support systems and coping mechanisms that would otherwise have helped them weather the storm.” – Sarah Clayton and Anthea Hoyle Image credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

As many states are giving the green light to reopen, employers are developing plans to bring employees back to work safely, giving careful thought to schedules, seating configurations, visitor policies, elevator usage, food delivery, and much more.

While workforce reentry certainly includes logistical and operational planning, it is not just physical well-being that employers must take into account. Equally important is how organizations will respond to employees’ emotional and psychological health —a topic that, regrettably, is discussed far less frequently.

Anxiety is near-universal right now — a natural reaction to unnatural circumstances and an uncertain future. Nearly half of employees are concerned that their employers will bring them back to work before it’s safe, according to a national survey by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research. More than half worry about the future of the company they work for — and their job specifically.

If employers don’t address these sources of anxiety and assist employees in managing their mental health, bringing people back to work will do little to help companies return to pre-Covid productivity and engagement levels…

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