Blockchain through the Whole Supply Chain: Traceability Builds Business Resilience

researching resilince
Researching resilience: the data behind the modern grid Image credit: Full story:


Prepare for the Next Disaster With a Financial Recovery Kit

So far, 2020 has been a year of disruption for many Americans. Finances and lives have been upended by the mental, physical and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. And now, another threat looms: storm and wildfire season.

Colorado State University predicts an “above average” Atlantic hurricane season, which already began June 1. Tornado season has brought the deadliest outbreak in six years with a cluster of storms in mid-April. And the U.S. Forest Service says what once was a four-month wildfire season now stretches to six or eight months.

While you’re sticking close to home, take time to prepare your financial records and learn where to turn for help if natural disaster strikes…


Blockchain through the Whole Supply Chain: Traceability Builds Business Resilience

COVID-19 has caused shockwaves across global industries as most of us throughout the world experience firsthand the challenges of supply chain resiliency and transparency. From sudden shortages of certain food and household staples to questions about the safety or future availability of certain items based on their source of manufacturing, we are all realizing that we live in an extremely interconnected but paradoxically opaque world.

At first these shortages could be dismissed as simply a rush of demand that outstrips supply (i.e. panic and hoarding), but as we explore deeper, we can find curious anomalies about the way many supply chains function. A realization begins to emerge that many supply chains are only designed to function within the framework of a globalized society with its multitude of interdependent systems that can be relied upon to predictably function all the time, exactly as expected. And then…the unexpected happens, and it becomes painfully clear that traceability, transparency, and resilience are the only way to ensure a lasting and sustainable business model…


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