Unemployment By Design: Building Resilience In A World Disrupted

Report: Nature among best defences from natural disasters

living shoreline
Living shorelines refer to a broad range of shoreline stabilization techniques that use vegetation, shellfish or other natural resources to stabilize estuarine coasts, bays and tributaries. (Jennifer McPeak/National Wildlife Federation)

A new report shows the best protections from natural disasters could come from nature itself.

“The Protective Value of Nature” report from The National Wildlife Federation and Allied World insurance, evaluates natural systems such as wetlands and forests, and their ability to reduce damage from disasters such as hurricanes, floods and wildfires..

“Natural infrastructure can actually provide significant protection to communities from natural hazards and it’s often just as — if not more — effective than traditional structural infrastructure in reducing risk,” says Jessie Ritter, director of water resources and coastal policy for The National Wildlife Federation

Ritter says natural infrastructure is more cost effective than built infrastructure, which often requires ongoing maintenance. She also notes that nature systems can improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitats…


Unemployment By Design: Building Resilience In A World Disrupted

I just wrapped up my first week as an unemployed member of the U.S. workforce and while early days, it’s been an interesting experience. After being steadily employed with the same organization for nearly eleven years, you find yourself in an unstructured existence that’s free of deadlines, meeting invites and team or client reviews. It is an existence without pre-fabricated form and function. Fortunately for me, I was formally trained and employed in my early years as a visual/user experience designer. I’ve always embraced design as the intentional act of planning purposeful efforts that shape an outcome. Taking this design approach to my new normal, I’ve discovered there are three intersecting pathways to approach unemployment by design as a way to develop resilience—a quality that I believe is essential to thriving in spite of disruption. They are…


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