Covid-19 Resilience Survey 2: Two-thirds of insurance staff are not keen to return to the office

15 Things Therapists Do When They’re Worried About The Future

We turn to therapists to help us navigate life and the difficult situations that come up. And although they may seem to be experts on how to work through feelings of anxiety, worry and fear, it doesn’t mean that they don’t encounter their own struggles as well.

The state of the world ― between the coronavirus pandemic, police brutality and racism, record unemployment and more ― is deeply affecting people, including mental health professionals. It makes many of us fear for what the immediate and distant futures could look like.

So what are some ways therapists deal? We asked them…


With natural disasters and coronavirus, states must prepare for a double whammy

Just one week into hurricane season, states in the South are already dealing with the impact of a major storm, with Cristobal making landfall in Louisiana as a tropical storm. Responding to natural disasters is always an enormous challenge for the US Government, but with the coronavirus pandemic still looming, the complexity of the job this year is greater than ever…


Covid-19 Resilience Survey 2: Two-thirds of insurance staff are not keen to return to the office, while 90% are anxious about using public transport

More than half of respondents responded in the negative about their feeling towards returning to client meetings, with many respondents including the words ‘anxious’, ‘apprehensive’, and ‘not keen’ in their responses.

Asked for their feelings about a return to work in an office environment, two-thirds of respondents to Post’s second Resilience Survey either used phrases such as ‘very uncomfortable’, and ‘nervous’ or added caveats about what would make them feel better including ‘as long as protective measures in place’ and ‘with social distancing/testing in place’. Some stated that they would prefer not to return at all or can’t see a valid reason for return to work: “I see no reason to go in until the threat has passed as I can attend meetings remotely” and “We have proven that we are just as, if not more, productive working from home – so I would question the need to return to pre- Covid-19 working practices. Working in an office environment seems unnecessary.” Respondents were also asked for their feelings about a return to public transport and almost 90% (86.87%) raised concerns about using public transport. Responses included the words ‘anxious’ and ‘uncomfortable’ and some added they would would avoid where possible and consider wearing personal protective equipment…


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