Resilience the Most Significant Lesson From Pandemic

How Mindfulness Can Address The Looming Mental Health Crisis In Businesses. Image credit: Shutterstock Full story:


Monocultural Resilience

At the end of the ongoing global melodrama’s first quarter, it seems reasonable to predict that this will be a two-act play with the final curtain coming down in July. It will end as a tragedy, not because the outcome was preordained in a world impervious to human choices, but because men have free will. They exercise that gift from God to find, for every major problem, one solution which is “neat, simple, and wrong,” as the Sage of Baltimore, H.L. Mencken, said.

A value-neutral comparison of the response to COVID-19 by Sweden and Norway is telling. They are two neighboring nations similar in culture, climate, standards of health care, per capita income, etc. This comparison establishes beyond reasonable doubt that the security state regime in Oslo, Norway, does not produce statistical outcomes which are significantly different from the laissez-faire approach of Stockholm, Sweden, which is based on personal responsibility and willful obedience…


Resilience the Most Significant Lesson From Pandemic

Hungarian innovator (and automotive supplier, among other things) Tungsram is looking at new ways to sustain its business in the environment created by COVID-19, as well as to come up with new solutions that help personal hygiene. The Budapest Business Journal talks to president and CEO Jörg Bauer, a past winner of the Expat CEO of the Year award, about the future…

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