Building Kids’ Resilience through Play Is More Crucial Than Ever

NIC calls for ‘resilience standards’ to bolster UK infrastructure Full story:

We’re Only 3 Days Into Hurricane Season, And It’s Already a Record-Breaker

Just two days into the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, Tropical Storm Cristobal was churning in the Gulf of Mexico.

It was the third Atlantic storm powerful enough to get a name this season; no other year on record has seen three named Atlantic storms so early. On average, the third storm forms around August 13, according to AccuWeather.

The World Meteorological Association assigns names to storms whose wind speeds exceed 39 mph (63 km/h) – that’s the threshold at which a cyclone is considered a tropical storm. Cristobal’s winds topped that on Tuesday; then it struck the Bay of Campeche on Wednesday. The storm could build to hurricane strength as it approaches the US Gulf Coast…


Building Kids’ Resilience through Play Is More Crucial Than Ever

With almost 70 percent of the world’s student population impacted by school closures according to UNESCO, the long-term impact on individuals, the education system, the global workforce, and tools and technology, can only be speculated about and hypothesized. What we do know is that building resilience among students is more important than ever.

The need for resilience isn’t new. For years, educators have been challenged with preparing students for jobs and technology that don’t even exist yet. The global pandemic will accelerate and influence many of these changes as schools and businesses integrate remote practices; demand grows for science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) careers, especially in health care and automation; and societies navigate the role and value of human interaction and collaboration…


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