Good Business Processes Are Key to Resilience During Disruption

India’s cyclone response saves lives. Climate resilient infrastructure will save livelihoods. Image: A truck is seen off the road near uprooted trees that have fallen on a main road in Alibag town of Raigad district, following Cyclone Nisarga. Full story:

How Permaculture can Build Resilience and Meet Basic Needs During a Pandemic

As COVID-19 spreads, people are showing a growing interest in permaculture principles and techniques to heal their lives, communities and the planet.

Despite their urgency, coronavirus outbreaks, health crises and failing institutions are just some of the problems our global society is facing today. Billions of people worldwide still lack access to healthy food, clean water and sanitation services — being unable to properly wash hands and stay safe in the midst of a pandemic. And we are still trapped in an economic system that fuels environmental damage, from biodiversity loss to climate change, which is threatening the quality and sustainability of life on Earth…


Good Business Processes Are Key to Resilience During Disruption

Businesses have swiftly adapted their day-to-day operations over the past few months. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to present new barriers across industries, companies must prepare for a year filled with challenges and opportunities.

With current and future operational challenges bogging down company leadership, empowering all employees with better process management skills and resources ensures your whole organization, from frontline employees to the C-suite, has better visibility and control over responsibilities…


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