Want to Build Better Resiliency? Try These Easy Mental Shifts

In Hurricane Season and the COVID-19 Response, State and Local Self-Reliance Is Essential Image credit: In 2017, Hurricane Irma struck Miami with winds over 100 miles per hour and a destructive storm surge. (Photo: Warren Faidley/Getty Images) Full Story: https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/06/04/preparation-key-in-hurricane-season-amid-covid-19-pandemic/

The Italian Chinatown that can teach us about resilience

In mid-February, when the supposed first coronavirus patient was registered in Lombardy, Prato had already been the subject of public debate in national and international media. The rapid spread of the virus led to a national lockdown on 12 March, while the situation has been dramatically worsening with over 225,000 people testing positive and more than 31,000 deceased.

In the Italian city of Prato 22% of the population are foreigners, with 59% of them Chinese. Adding to this the irregular migrants, Prato has the highest proportion of migrants in Italy and one of the biggest Chinese communities in Europe. Since the last administrative elections of 2019, Prato has also two counsellors of Chinese origin in its city council. Prato is an emblematic case given its strong links with China and has the potential of highlighting how community resilience can counter both the spread of the virus and the spread of racism and xenophobia…


Want to Build Better Resiliency? Try These Easy Mental Shifts

As a Millennial entrepreneur, I’ve had the luxury of running a business in a strong economy. I launched a public relations agency in 2012 after transitioning from my first career as a TV news reporter. So, when the Covid-19 pandemic forced the majority of my clients’ companies to close, I found myself in my first real business crisis.

During that first month, while pivoting my business and juggling young kids at home, I read the New York Times best-selling book Fortitude: American Resilience in the Era of Outrage, by former Navy SEAL turned congressman Dan Crenshaw.

Now, I’m pretty sure Crenshaw didn’t intend for his book to serve as an entrepreneur’s survival guide for weathering a major crisis. But it turns out, the lessons and strategies he shares from his intense SEAL training and on the battlefield also apply to increasing your mental fortitude to withstand challenges in business and in life. The following are the strategies he shared that stood out to me…


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