The Importance of Leadership Resilience

Facing a new normal? Boost your resilience Full story:

5 Ways Leaders Can Recharge Business’ Stress Resilience Battery

“Please take the day to relax and enjoy time with your families, and above all, please keep in mind that, as important as it is to take care of our clients, we need to take care of ourselves.”

These were the words of CEO Michael Corbat as he emailed 200,000 CitiGroup employees around the world instructing them to take Friday off work. Three months ago it would have been fairly surprising to see one of the world’s biggest banks declare an impromptu global day off. Today it’s a welcome relief…


The Importance of Leadership Resilience

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, leaders are seeing the effects of chronic stress across their organizations. Emotions are frayed, energy is lagging, and distractions are high while employees endure ambiguity about the future. Wanting to address employees’ concerns and reassure them, leaders feel pressure to bolster others’ resilience, but they should not underestimate the importance of their own leadership resilience. It is important that leaders maintain good habits and make positive lifestyle choices because this will have a ripple effect across the organization. Following are leadership resilience development strategies to help executives navigate prolonged periods of uncertainty and model good self-care and adaptation habits…

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