Building a Resilient Family: Why Resilience is More Important than Ever

We Can Learn Some Things About Mental Health From Astronauts Full story:


U.S. lawmaker wants insurers, govt. to share future pandemic business losses

U.S. legislation introduced on Tuesday would create a taxpayer-backed insurance program to protect businesses from revenue losses during future pandemics and require insurers to pay a slice of the claims. The legislation, introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat from New York, would provide up to $750 billion in taxpayer funds to pay insurance claims for business loss revenue during future pandemics. Insurers would first have to pay out a total of $250 million in losses, according to the bill.

Insurers are turning their focus to future pandemics after facing lawsuits, political pressure and criticism from customers who say insurers’ business interruption policies denied their claims for pandemic-related losses. While these policies may cover revenue losses from lightning strikes or cars crashing into buildings, they either exclude or do not specifically cover a pandemic, despite the business interruption it causes…


Building a Resilient Family: Why Resilience is More Important than Ever

We talk a lot about why resilience is an important trait to support in children; how it helps children to grow up ready to take on challenges with a problem-solving mentality that studies show will result in healthier relationships, more fulfilling careers, and contribute to an overall sense of happiness and well-being. As we are presented with new challenges in the midst of this difficult time in history, building a resilient family is more important than ever.

We recently welcomed Dr. Elisa B. Fuller from UCLA’s Nathanson Family Resilience Center to our West Los Angeles campus to talk to our parents about ways that they can foster resilience in their children from an early age. Dr. Fuller works with families who have experienced trauma, helping to give them tools to work through their significant challenges in order to create a stronger family foundation that will help them thrive in their futures. She shared with us some helpful tips, which we will share with you, along with some essential resources that you and your family can refer to during this time…



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